Hi my name Is Tessa I am the only Fatagram lady available.I have been the Fatgram for a long time now and have done a variety of events from your standard party to events at radio stations and TV.

Radio Stations include

The Rock …….

Working with Jono in the wife carrying competition a few years back.

Being Rog’s birthday present

A farewell party

The Edge …..

I was Doms birthday present

More FM …

Kim booked me for 2 different freinds a few years back

TV work includes

Tab Sports Cafe ……

Rick Soletso’s Birthday , when they were on Sky Tv

Pulp Sport……..

Stephen Mcgyver and Hamish Mcrae have both fallen victim to my charms

Ben just got himself hitched recently and I was the surprise guest at his Stag party

and there have been a few other apperances on that wild show

I was also the birthday present for a Man who was running a bikini contest that aired on MTV

I have been the surprise guest for some of the Warriors and Allblacks at different times through the years.